The Treehouse: A Post to Drool Over

I’m in the process of spring cleaning everything, including my computer files, and came across these pictures I totally spaced on sharing. Doh! I took these a few months ago when Kathy (the wonderful owner of The Treehouse) allowed me to work in her store for the day. I’ve never wanted to work somewhere so much in my life! Usually, I have the opposite problem. Amazingly enough, I walked out at the end of the day and didn’t purchase aRead more

My trip to Skaneateles

During my last visit home, my mother and I visited the beautiful town of Skaneateles. It was the only day off I had in many weeks and it was looking like that was going to be my last one for a while, so we decided to make the most of it. It turned out to be the perfect day. We went to Lockwood Lavender Farm and cut a huge bundle of lavender for $10.00. It’s all going into my soap,Read more