Proof the Chupacabra really exists

I made it home from the bar at 2 am last night and while I fumbled around in the darkness trying to find my apartment keys I was struck by the lovely night sky. Knowing that my camera has a night photography option, I figured there was no better time to test its capabilities. I ran in, grabbed the camera, and took the above photo. Clearly, my camera sucks and couldn’t capture even 1/10th of the night sky’s magesty. JustRead more

I’m grump-diddly-dumpcious

I’m in a dreadful mood today so to spare you from the dark place I’m in, I’ll share with you some photos that I took a few weeks ago of our romp around the property. We were looking for migrating amphibians but at that moment we were a little premature. That would not be the case anymore since just yesterday I saw some adult red-spotted newts swimming around a vernal pool and some large egg masses. They’ve been busy theseRead more