Capturing Wonderland

The Yellowstone Park Foundation is having their 2nd Annual “Capturing Wonderland” photo contest and I thought I’d toss my hat into the ring. I only have a rinky-dink camera so I don’t achieve high quality photos but I thought even if I didn’t win, they may be able to use and enjoy my photos at some point. They have two categories–landscapes and wildlife–and I submitted something for both. I have great photos of bison and common landmarks, which I’m sureRead more

Where is my mind?

Today I engaged in some soap photography (aka soapy porn) for my Etsy shop and I couldn’t help but chuckle at how humorously absurd I am sometimes. Here I am, freshly moved into my new apartment, the neighbors don’t know who the heck I am and I’m on my porch wearing Mrs. Roper’s muumuu (I prefer moo-moo); a knit shawl complete with a large bejeweled medallion; dancing around to Sinatra, the Beach Boys and Ray Charles; and over-enthusiastically taking photosRead more

I’m grump-diddly-dumpcious

I’m in a dreadful mood today so to spare you from the dark place I’m in, I’ll share with you some photos that I took a few weeks ago of our romp around the property. We were looking for migrating amphibians but at that moment we were a little premature. That would not be the case anymore since just yesterday I saw some adult red-spotted newts swimming around a vernal pool and some large egg masses. They’ve been busy theseRead more

My visit to the Museum of the Earth

Yesterday I had the chance to return to my old stomping ground to visit the Museum of the Earth’s staff and volunteers (I miss them all immensely) and to see their new exhibit, Whales: From the Depths of the National Geographic Collection. If you have the chance, I strongly recommend visiting the museum to view this awe-inspiring exhibit. It will take your breath away. In my slideshow you will see just a small sampling of the photos on display butRead more

Our visit to Olana

Here are photos from my visit to Olana, home of the famous Hudson River School painter, Frederic Edwin Church. It’s only a half hour drive from my house and in the off-season it’s free to roam around their 250 acres. The architecture is gorgeous and so is the view of the river. My housemate, Cassie and I took a quick trip out there to practice our landscape drawing skills (she doesn’t need any practice but I sure do). After failingRead more