Lansing Community Library Art Show

Welcome to my first art show! It’s from now until the end of April at the Lansing Community Library. I had a lot of fun revisiting my past work for this show and also creating some new things. I hope people can see it in person but if you can’t, I’ve included images of everything on display. Plus, all prints are available in my online shop. The library had to reduce my long-winded artist’s bio so it fits onto theirRead more

Lily Dale, New York

As promised, here are the photos of Lily Dale, New York. This small community of mediums, psychics and spiritualists is actually the world’s largest center for the science, philosophy and religion of spiritualism. This 135-year-old community is located on Cassadaga Lake, just an hour south of Buffalo and about 35 minutes north of Interstate 86. Sadly, their open season is not until June 27th so I didn’t get a chance to partake in any of the workshops or talk toRead more

Hall & Oats-n-Honey

Today, I’m offering a peek into the creation of Hall & Oats-n-Honey Soap. This is the most gentle soap I make. It’s unscented and uses the most simple, basic ingredients one can find at a grocery store: organic coconut milk, oats, and honey (you could even use olive oil from the store as your soap base and call it a day). Coconut milk offers an assortment of vitamins and fats which actually help to clean your skin without stripping it.Read more

A Hudson Valley Hamlet: Connelly, New York

I wanted to share with you some photos of where I live. In January of 2008, I was offered a dream job (turtle biologist!) in the Hudson Valley with the stipulation that I would start almost immediately. This was particularly challenging since I lived almost four hours away, I didn’t know the area very well, and it was the dead of winter–thus making it hard to just whizz on down there to look for suitable lodgings. Even worse, my sweetRead more

More market action to be had.

I will be at the Saugerties Farmers Market tomorrow for your shopping pleasure, from 10 am to 2 pm. My usual sales will be in full effect. In the meantime, enjoy some photos from last week’s Farm Animal Day. What a blast! The event was not short on humorously incongruous moments. For example, there was a petting zoo filled with wholesome families and then there was a hula hooping station right next to it that was blaring 50 Cent, BabyRead more

From Yellowstone and back

So it’s been several weeks since I’ve returned to my norm but before I bring us totally up-to-date, I thought I would fill you in on the happenings post-Yellowstone. From Yellowstone, I drove seemingly forever to Fort Collins, Colorado to stay with one of my best buds for a few days. I’d never been to Fort Collins before so this was a real treat. It’s a fantastic town and I can see why my friend raves (non-stop) about it! IRead more

A Hudson Valley Hike: Mohonk

Here are some photos of the hike I took at Mohonk with my friend Ami. It’s days like this that I realize just how good I have it. The Mohonk Preserve is a fantastic place to hike and boulder (or do just about any other outdoor activity you can think of…from rock climbing to boating to tennis and everything in between). The views alone are worth all the huffing and puffing. Plus, the Mountain House is an incredible sight toRead more

It’s almost time for CNC’s Maple Festival! Yay!

Please join me and some of my favorite people (and animals) for a fun-filled weekend at the Cayuga Nature Center’s Maple Festival. This has to be my #1 favorite event of the year. It’s just around the corner on Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24th starting at 9 am each day. There will be a delicious pancake breakfast, music, animal programs, games & crafts, self-guided tours along the Sugarbush Trail and wonderfully talented craft vendors. And hopefully my bestRead more