Memory Lane

This past May 18th I had the rare opportunity to walk (or should I say, head-bang?) down memory lane for a very good cause. Most people may not know that I grew up playing guitar and bass in rock/grunge bands. I even took several years of vocal lessons so I could rage like Rob Halford. Lil ole, innocent me? Yes! I started playing jazz guitar at around 10-years of age and by the time I was 14-years old, I wasRead more

That special something is revealed

If you’ve ever used one of my products and experienced that special feeling one would equate to being sprinkled with fairy dust or gently tapped by the magic wand of a powerful wizard, please know that you are not alone. Unfortunately it’s time for me to come clean (no pun intended but…) and finally end this charade once and for all. This addictive high cannot be attributed to my particular talents. Sadly, no. My products are unique because of myRead more

A gift from a new friend

Thanks to the marketing geniuses over at the Chronogram, I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people and gain some beneficial connections. One of the many awesome people I’ve been lucky enough to meet through the Chronogram experience is Ami. He’s a musician, poet, and bad ass Kombucha (Ombucha) maker from New Paltz, NY. He contacted me after reading my post about losing Barry White Kitty. Being the cat lover he is, he was moved to writeRead more