The Herbert F. Johnson Museum

Yesterday was the mega controversial inauguration day of Donald Trump and today was the Women’s March on Washington. There were also local marches that I could have attended, but I’ve just been so conflicted about world issues of late that I just want to seek what little peace I can find. Despite being hung over, when a friend offered up the chance to go to the local museum, I jumped at it with full zeal. I’m so glad that I went. My heavy heart feels lighterRead more

Glaciers have come to the Museum of the Earth

A few weeks ago I visited the Museum of the Earth to check out their brand-spankin-new glacier and coral reef exhibits. These permanent exhibits have been a long time in the making so it was really nice to see them finally come to fruition. It all looks fantastic! Everyone did such a great job! See, wonderful things happen to a place when I quit working there. Hah! That night, after seeing the new exhibit, I ran into my supervisor fromRead more