Own it already!

Owning who I am has always been a continuous uphill battle. We live in a culture where people value who you are by the job you have. The first thing everyone asks when they meet you is “What do you do?” This is the question I dread and instead of seeing it as an opportunity to declare who I am (not what I “do”) I usually shrink away and tell them “nothing.” Since I’ve made the bold stroke to turnRead more

Bold strokes

I’m increasingly convinced that life rewards those who make bold strokes. Those who grab fear by the ears and headbutt it will be rewarded for their brazen attitude in the end. I’ve always believed this to be true but it’s one thing to believe it and one thing to actually test it. It’s been a few months since I quit my job and moved away from home. I wish I could say that these months have been hard but honestlyRead more