A Hudson Valley Hike: Walkway Over the Hudson

This past Tuesday was so nice that Tuna and I felt the need to crawl out of our winter cave and embark on a little adventure. We both enjoyed the Walkway over the Hudson so much on New Year’s Day that we decided to give it another go before the move. I especially wanted to visit during the week so we’d have the place all to ourselves but boy was I a fool. It was absolutely sardine packed! Seriously, areRead more

New Years Day 2014

My New Year’s Eve was nothing to write home about. Heck, it was nothing to even write here about, but I will… I spent the day running errands and then making olive oil herbal infusions for Sweet Pea’s Groceries. It was a low-key day but ideal nonetheless. That evening I had epic plans to go out for a night on the town but everyone cancelled on me at the last-minute. Many were opting to stay home where it was warmRead more

A Hudson Valley Kayak Trip: The Saugerties Lighthouse

I just wanted to share some photos of my recent kayak trip to the beautiful Saugerties Lighthouse. The lighthouse, located at the confluence where the Esopus Creek meets the Hudson River, was built in 1869 and, like all other lighthouses, has seen its fair share of historical ups and downs. Currently it’s owned by a young couple that has transformed it into a perpetually-full bed and breakfast with public tours given on Sundays. The best part is that the groundsRead more

Welcome to Bannerman Island…Zee Plane! Zee Plane!

If you’ve ever taken the train from the Hudson Valley to New York City you’ve seen Bannerman Island and its gorgeous Scottish style castle out your window. It’s a strange sight to see a castle in the middle of the Hudson River but it’s there, I promise you, at least for the time being since it’s rapidly falling down. A few weekends ago my mother and I took a 20-minute boat ride from Beacon out to the island to learnRead more

Own it already!

Owning who I am has always been a continuous uphill battle. We live in a culture where people value who you are by the job you have. The first thing everyone asks when they meet you is “What do you do?” This is the question I dread and instead of seeing it as an opportunity to declare who I am (not what I “do”) I usually shrink away and tell them “nothing.” Since I’ve made the bold stroke to turnRead more