Recent Happenings

It’s been a few weeks so I should update you on the goings on in my world. First, let’s start with a little Tuna love, shall we… Petunia is the best companion I could ever ask for. This winter has been rough on both of us but her especially. Walks have been few and far between due to her rather hairless nature and the freezing temps. I have a few coats for her but they don’t cover her extremities andRead more

Peacefully at rest

Saturday was my last day of work and let me tell you, the weather gods were shining on me, FINALLY! It was the first nice day outside that I’d ever experienced working on the farm. Oh the irony! The last few days before that were cold and rainy. One day it was so bad that my clothes were completely soaked. To add insult to injury, after a long day of shoveling in wet gloves, I painfully discovered that I hadRead more

A Productive Wait

Yesterday, I finished my last full week of work as the Assistant Animal Caregiver at the sanctuary. The first few days had me second guessing myself but after the third day I couldn’t sleep at night because the body aches were so bad. Once again, thank you Aleve. I know for certain that I’m making the best possible decision for myself, although I’ll miss the staff and animals terribly. I had my second interview for the Programs Manager position setRead more

Quitting with class

Well, I’m looking for an eloquent way to say this but the only thing that really sums it all up is to say that this week really shit the bed. I’m not particularly impressed by my potty mouth but that expression is spot on. I can’t say that it was a terrible week, but it was by no means the stuff of dreams either. Let’s just call it a turning point for me. My first day back to work fromRead more

My cat-like reflexes vs. the sheep from hell.

Greetings from the snowy depths of Connelly, New York! These back-to-back winter storms picked the perfect time to pummel us: my two days off! That suits me just fine since there’s nothing I hate more than driving in bad weather. I did however get the most awesome tires put on my car a few days ago–they cut through snow like a hot knife through butter–but still I’d rather be warm indoors instead of cold and wet working outside. Sadly, workRead more

Thank goodness for days off!

Today is the equivalent of my Saturday. There’s soooo much I should be doing: getting new tires, going to the grocery store, etc…but yuck! I’d easily hire someone to do these things for me, especially in this cold. I also need to take photos of me modelling Ling Ling’s scarves and post them on my Etsy site. However, I’m not sure people will buy scarves from someone with a rooster-beaten face. Such an odd problem to have… I’m not downRead more

My life on the farm

Welcome to the freezing arctic tundra of New York! Good gracious, it’s cold! It’s been a little while since I checked in but I have a decent excuse…I hope. I’ve actually been itching to write every day for the last few weeks but I wanted to overhaul my blog before I went ahead and posted anything else. I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about switching up the blogs without losing readers so I needed some time toRead more

My first day on the farm

Today was the first day at my new job. You are reading the blog of Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s newest animal caregiver. The job entails animal husbandry three days a week and performing animal health checks the other two days. Yes, I finally get to revisit my veterinary technology roots! I’m rusty at the medical stuff, that’s for sure, but I’m a natural at caregiving so hopefully I’ll do great. On my way to work today, a radio program was interviewingRead more

Among the rest of the animals

You can find me grazing about with the rest of the creatures this weekend at the Saugerties Farmers Markets’ annual Farm Animal Day. Last year was nuts (in a good way) so don’t miss it! I will have my regular sales going on (except I’m almost out of my $2.00 One Delicious Buzz soaps) plus I will be selling a whole slew of new lotions, butters, scrubs, liquid soaps, and body oils. The sales are as follows: $1.00 soapy sticks,Read more