My complete lack of fashion sense

I originally posted this rant on my Instagram but I thought I’d add it to the blog as well….so even more people can be put-off by my opinion on this matter. I was talking with a clothing designer friend yesterday about fashion and found myself rather randomly blurting out how I have to rethink my Instagram feed because basically these two outfits by Spell and the Gypsy Collective are all I see. When Coachella rolled around a million versions ofRead more

More on Goals & Limiting Beliefs

This is a continuation of my last post on goal setting. I’d like to take this opportunity to delve further into Hunter Thompson’s idea of the decision between going with the flow by designing a life that accentuates your experiences and natural talents OR swimming against the current by re-inventing yourself in order to achieve a goal that may not reflect who you are now but instead reflects the person you’ll have to become in order to achieve that goal.Read more

Goal Setting

It’s no surprise to those nearest and dearest to me that I’m a huge Hunter Thompson fan. I have no clue as to what prompted me to start reading his work about fifteen years ago but when I did I instantly recognized a kindred spirit. His words were enormously visual, vicious, creative and calculated. He was a dreamer who was disappointed in the world yet too hopelessly romantic to completely give up on it; he had a strong sense ofRead more

Tis the Season for Tincture Time

Okay, I’ve been sitting on these puppies since April and they’re now more than ready. In that span–while the herbs jovially intermingled with the alcohol–they’ve lived in three different homes and seen their fair share of vigorous shakes. They’ve paid their dues and now they’re ready to fulfill their medicinal destiny. Back in April, I procured organic herbs from the bulk section of my local health food store, recycled some food jars, and purchased two bottles of 100-proof alcohol fromRead more

Being genuine in all endeavors

I’m having an unintentional Brené Brown day and I thought I’d share the wealth. As soon as I fired up my computer, YouTube popped up with her latest video and when I checked my Instagram there she was promoting her Gifts of Imperfection art-journaling e-course (the Festivus snail needs to get me this). I seemingly can’t escape her today! That’s not a bad thing though. If you haven’t heard of the wonderful Brené Brown, I’d suggest starting here and then headRead more

Tips for Surviving Turkey Lurkey Day

Happy turkey lurkey day! Today, I’m missing my family. For several years, my mother, brother, and I spent our Thanksgivings feeding pumpkin pies to rescued turkeys and enjoying a vegan potluck at Farm Sanctuary. These days, things aren’t as simple and it’s harder to get together but there’s always next year, right? …Maybe? However, all is certainly not lost! Tuna and I will be sharing an entire sheet pizza and watching the complete season 3 of Haven. It’s my absoluteRead more

Revisiting my youthful side

Okay, this is long and I’m sorry… I’d have to say that these last few months have been some of the hardest, best, and most eye-opening yet. It seems like ever since I returned from Yellowstone, life has been giving me fairly steady groin kicks with some face punches thrown in there for good measure. However, I’m no stranger to such circumstances and find that I can move through them with relative ease. It just takes time and perseverance. OneRead more

Building more than I burn

Oh October, I’m not even through my first day of you and already you have me grabbing my ankles! I’m already at an emotional disadvantage because I told my better half that I needed October off to get my head on straight and now I find myself laid up with a sinus infection from hell AND my job has been further downsized to only one day a week. What the heck is happening here? How am I supposed to getRead more


The famous singer/pianist Tori Amos sang in one of her songs, “…the sexiest thing is trust” and I’m certainly not one to question her authority. The sexiest thing is most definitely trust. Trust that someone will put your best interests on the same level as theirs, never purposely hurt you, never keep things from you, and have your back during even the most trying times. Yup, that is definitely sexy, no doubt about that. But trust can also be aRead more

The Measure of Success

Success, to me, is almost too vague of a word to have any real definitive meaning or value without having any clear metrics in place for measuring it. Just a few days ago I was enjoying dinner with a forest ecologist and a sociologist (no, this is not the set-up for a joke). The conversation quickly turned into a heated debate on what it means for a tree to be successful. The sociologist, having previously owned an apple orchard, sawRead more