Lansing Community Library Art Show

Welcome to my first art show! It’s from now until the end of April at the Lansing Community Library. I had a lot of fun revisiting my past work for this show and also creating some new things. I hope people can see it in person but if you can’t, I’ve included images of everything on display. Plus, all prints are available in my online shop. The library had to reduce my long-winded artist’s bio so it fits onto theirRead more

The Everson Museum

Last month my mother and I joined the hoards of others who enjoy all things artsy fartsy at Syracuse’s City Market. (I will leave out the part of her almost killing us by driving the wrong way down a one way road into oncoming traffic.) The market relocated this year to the Everson Museum‘s community plaza. So every second Sunday of each month, from May to October, there’s a craft fair with food trucks and live music and as anRead more

A Ghost Story

Here’s a true story that I recently shared on Jim Harold’s Virtual Campfire and I thought I’d share it here as well… Here’s some background to keep in mind: When I was thirteen, my sister died of cancer. She was 23 at the time. I’m now 41 years old. Well about six months ago, I had a friend of mine, who is a shaman, perform a journey session on me. During the journey, my guides kept telling her to tellRead more

2017 Spring & Summer Beginnings

In between all of the boozing, painting and tai chi, there’s also been volunteering for Hospicare, which I can’t really photograph. I had one patient that I was visiting at a nursing home on the weekends. He is so darn sweet! These last few weeks I’ve had to take a break from it because it seems like I’ve had something going on every weekend, but I’ll pick it back up when things cool off a bit here and there aren’tRead more

The Herbert F. Johnson Museum

Yesterday was the mega controversial inauguration day of Donald Trump and today was the Women’s March on Washington. There were also local marches that I could have attended, but I’ve just been so conflicted about world issues of late that I just want to seek what little peace I can find. Despite being hung over, when a friend offered up the chance to go to the local museum, I jumped at it with full zeal. I’m so glad that I went. My heavy heart feels lighterRead more

Fall & Winter 2016: Ushering out the year.

Other highlights: This might be the craziest thing to ever have happened to me. On December 8th, I was woken up at 5 am by my landlord (my mother’s beau, Craig), telling me to come to the door because the police needed to speak with us. Yikes! They told us that our neighbor had killed someone at a Walmart across town (he shot and then ran over a UPS driver with his car) and was now on the loose in our neighborhood.Read more