Winter 2017/2018

Plenty of work fun was to be had! From baby showers to holiday celebrations. We are certainly a melting pot of cultures. We have Egypt, India, Canada and hillbilly America represented in our small lab. And we all manage to get along just fine. Now if only the world could figure this out.
I think they love me at work but sometimes I’m not sure…
ABM_1520709501 (1)
Opening presents is a big deal to Petunia so everything gets wrapped up, even if it’s a box of dog treats. This has kind of backfired on us because she opens ALL of our presents at Christmas. Basically, anything that is wrapped or even bagged up will be quickly undone. Even groceries and purses aren’t safe around her anymore. The contents will be rifled through and she will know your business.
I made this beautiful barn wood and copper entertainment center. Sadly, Gomez loves it too, which means that my t.v. is a goner!
Birthdays, reunions and just plain ole fun times were had. I enjoy my friends immensely. Some I see every day and some I only see every ten years. No matter what, they still hold a special place in my heart.
ABM_1520709355 (1)
I lost a very special co-worker and friend extremely suddenly at the end of November. She was literally fine one day and dead the next. Please, treat every day like it’s your last and don’t take a single second for granted.  It all goes so fast. Steph, I miss you every single day.
This winter was another great holiday craft fair season for Sweet Pea’s Groceries. I only select a few shows because it’s a lot of work, but I really enjoy the time that I put into the process. There are people that I only get to see at these events and they’ve become like extended family to me. Trust me, I don’t make ANY money off of Sweet Pea’s. I put way more into it than I get out of it, which is certainly not a recipe for success. I’m a terrible entrepreneur. That’s why I have a full time job. I do this purely for enjoyment and so I can help others. A note of interest: This year was the first time that I ever felt truly prepared for events. Usually, I’m cramming at the last minute but I really had it together this season…it’s only taken me about ten years to get my act together!
Ling Ling and Creek helping me out at the craft fairs. They keep me from getting bored during the slow moments. They are kind of a handful though and need to be monitored constantly or they’ll get into trouble (I wish I was joking). It’s worth it, I guess.
Honestly, Petunia and I haven’t gotten out much but we’ve had a few adventures. These pics were from a brief jaunt around Treman Park.
Ho, Ho, Ho! Naughty Santa paid us a visit at the bar before Christmas. Some things you wish you could un-see, but I’m sure this isn’t one of them. Ha! Yup, feel free to thank me for this beautiful vision.
Christmas day was rather quiet and relaxing. Petunia, Gomez and I opened presents and we took a trip down memory lane by watching old Christmas specials like Red Skelton, Rich Little and George Burns. Plus, my dad suggested that I check out the Mrs. Brown’s Boys holiday specials and that became a hilarious rabbit hole to venture down.
There’s my quirky, furry family. Look at the bottom pic of Gomez. Dear lord, he’s going to eat me one day. I just know it. Petunia has not been doing very well basically since the holidays but we’re taking it day by day. It’s definitely hard to see her body breaking down on her but I’m doing what I can to support her through this process. Gomez has been keeping her on her toes, that’s for sure.
New Years! Hello 2018! We started it out by having the annual party at my place and then moseyed on over to the bar next door. Good times! The dj agreed to play my favorite Enrique Inglesias song as the ball dropped, in honor of my friend & coworker who had just passed away.
This delightful mashup is a product of New Years night. Apparently, I look like Alex, my friend’s turtle. We call this my “resting Alex face.” This just goes to show that if you work with turtles long enough, you eventually become one.
Petunia and I took a brief trip down to the Hudson Valley for my friend’s art show and to buy one of her pieces. We had the chance to enjoy a very cold trek to one of my favorite places, the Saugerties Lighthouse. It was so beautiful out there. I could hear the ice cracking on the Hudson River and it was soooo loud.
I also did a little sightseeing in Kingston. I was delighted to find that a new bar/bookstore had moved in to one of the old stone houses at the historic four corners. It’s called Rough Draft and if you’re ever in the area, check them out! They have a great selection of books to buy/read, the beer was delicious and the music selection was right up my alley (cue the Hall & Oates).


Paint Nite with my buddy Eric at one of my favorite places, K-House. It was so much fun. The karaoke was fabulous, the fishbowl was fun and the painting was Bob Ross-approved.
This was taken at the Hopshire Farm Brewery one lovely winters night. I immediately fell on the ice in the parking lot right after taking this. Ha! It doesn’t get smoother than that. It’s a lovely photo though and it reminds me that winter in upstate New York can be beautiful too.



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