Fall 2017

Fall absolutely threw up all over the front entrance of my apartment and I loved it!  I usually don’t decorate the outside of my place because visitors are few and far between but I’ve decided to decorate for my own personal happiness. And yes, I did start decorating for Halloween in September. Admittedly, I got very carried away.
September 22nd marked the End of Summer Party at the Plantation. One of my favorite acts, Throw Down Cold, played out on the deck and my buddy Slater was there with her love of Bud Light Lime. Good music, good people and good times! I’m going to miss hearing music out on their deck during the nice weather.
The top photo makes me wonder if Petunia is part chupacabra. She totally looks otherworldly. The bottom photo is actually her 15 minutes of fame, sad but true. My lab director needed a photo of a dog sampling from the cat box for a presentation on spurious parasites so I staged this photo. Never again…. She was so confused when I put a treat in the cat box and encouraged her to go get it. She kept moving towards it and then stopping to look at me and then moving a little bit more and stopping. She was very suspicious. Unfortunately for me, I’ve caught her sampling ever since.
On September 27th, Brian, Danielle and I went on an epic kayaking adventure. We crossed Cayuga Lake starting at Myers Point and paddled around Taughannock Falls State Park and then headed back. It took a long time and there was a lot of upper body work involved but it was a lot of fun. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
I love brunch and eating at the base of the trail that I usually wreck up trying to ski. It looks so innocent when it’s all green and grassy but I’m used to it when it’s iced over and deadly. This is a nice change of pace. Ling Ling was bent out of shape that I didn’t tell her that she had her reading glasses on for the photo but I think she looks adorable.
Oh work. What can I say…. It’s pretty crazy. Left: Here’s a pic of my lab director with a mere piece of a spirometra worm from a dog. Top right: I’m being filmed for a training video. There’s been a lot of filming lately and that’s certainly not in my job description. It’s taken some getting used to. Bottom right: This is actually a cow lung that is completely inundated with lungworm. I’ve made the discovery that the textbooks are incorrect on the size of lungworm larvae. They actually shrink when floated in zinc, which is common practice, and infections are probably going missed because of this discrepancy, but not anymore!
My lady loves! The weekend of October 21st, some of my best lady friends came to the Ithaca area to enjoy some delicious food at the Moosewood and lots of hiking. It was so great to catch up with them. I credit them for helping me be a good person. If not for them, I’d be a complete jerk. I’m only about 50% jerk now.
I know you were waiting for this alcohol extravaganza. Beer pics on my blog are a given. Top left: CoHoperation IPA tasting party at Hopshire in Dryden, NY. I loved them all. I refuse to choose a favorite and you can’t make me! Top right: Cupcake and beer pairing at Hopshire. This genius pairing needs to happen all the time. I died and went to heaven. Bottom left: I finally visited Prison City Brewery in Auburn, NY. The food and flight were both delicious and the building is super spooky/cool. I’m pretty sure I ran into a ghost on my way to the ladies room. Bottom right: My favorite local bar, Argos, is featuring drinks inspired by my favorite show: Twin Peaks. Words cannot describe how happy this delights me!
On October 28th, I had the opportunity to take a haunted tour of the grounds of the Seward House Museum in Auburn, NY. What a beautiful place and full of history. It’s definitely worth a visit. It rained on us during the entire tour but I honestly didn’t care. To be honest, I felt an unseen hand tap me on my shoulder so I was more than satisfied with my experience. It was pretty cool.
The bar next door to me was having a Halloween party so we pre-gamed at my place with car bombs (a favorite of mine). Of course, Gomez was the star of the show with his bad attitude. Then I spent the night at the bar dancing the night away with a stranger dressed as John Snow from Game of Thrones. It was glorious. And I had the smallest bar tab ever: $9.00. It was comprised of one beer and several unsweetened iced teas. Yup, despite appearances, I’m a lightweight and drink very little. Just setting the record straight.
Every cat loves the cheapest toys, especially boxes. Gomez is no different. Look at his eyes! I don’t know what to think about this…. is he a light being? Is he made of hellfire? Is he an alien? I just don’t know. He scares me a little… or a lot.
I have reinstated our morning walks, even in the cold. I’m not sure how long this routine will last because Petunia has not been enjoying it like she used to. This morning, she literally got out of the car, walked around the parking lot at the trail-head and then immediately walked back to the car. We shall see…
Tis the season for craft fairs. I’m pretty booked up with upcoming events and my soap is almost gone already. I can’t complain though. That’s a great problem to have. And at the first show of the season, I actually received an offer to have my very own art show at the Lansing Library in March and April. That has been a huge goal of mine so I’m going to be working my butt off to make that happen. Stay tuned…

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