Savoring Summer 2017

July 29th – 31st: I returned to the Omega Institute for a therapeutic weekend of dancing my bliss.
August 2nd: Another fun and festive Paint Nite at the Dock is in the bag! I love these ladies! (My Gilda Radner hair is out of control.)
August 5th: Our annual Brew at the Zoo pilgrimage. We added some new blood to the crew this year and we all had a great time. I still get tickled when I actually get to see all of the animals that I do fecals on, live and in person. It’s nice to put a face to the feces.
FB_IMG_1504959802538 (1)
There’s no excuse for us, especially me. I’m ashamed of myself sometimes and this is one of those moments. Still, no regrets. I own my shame and I wear it proudly like a disgusting badge of honor.
August 10th: The Fall Creek kayaking expedition that will live in infamy. It was so shallow that most of it was spent scooting over rocks to get unstuck. This treasured adventure was so ridiculous that I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Additionally, we were surprised by an enormous beaver during our beer break and we ran into a group of people floating on giant pink inner tubes in the middle of nowhere.
August 14th: Enjoying the City Market and the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse. Such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. (I wrote a blog post about this day.)
August 17th: The best Paint Nite yet at Americana Winery. The setting was idyllic and we had Scooter, the Chinese Crested pooch as our muse.
August 19th: Petunia and I enjoyed our favorite hike again. As you can see, she was thrilled.
August 21st: Eclipse day! I had us diy-ing pinhole projectors at work and we took some time out of our crazy day to enjoy the moment. Note to self: get glasses next time.
August 25th: Enjoying the great New York State Fair with Ling Ling and Craig. We saw the Beach Boys and they were amazing! It was a bucket list concert for me. Last year, we saw Brian Wilson so we came full circle. I also enjoyed eating everything in my path at the fair, per usual, and in related events, I picked up two pairs of stretchy pants from a booth there (one pair can be seen below).
September 1st: Look at the little songbird in her element. Not the best pic but witness those dance moves, the new stretchy pants and the new do! Yup, I’m freshly shorn and it feels so good. My friend Eric told me that my new haircut makes me look like an adult but don’t worry, I’m still a bratty child at heart. (Thank you Danielle for secretly snapping this pic.)
September 11th: Absolute BUCKET LIST moment for me! John Cleese has been an important part of my life since I was a wee girl who constantly begged her mom to rent episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus (on beta) at Stop-&-Go Video in Cortland. Seeing him did not disappoint. His delivery was hilarious but his message was extremely thoughtful. The takeaway is that humans are basically hopeless and that life is all about love and the simple pleasures…don’t complicate it. Thank you so much to my friend Gretchen for the last minute invite! Love you!
Look at me, back in action! Some recent sales have given me the kick in the rear that I needed to start making goodies again. And I’ve booked some holiday shows so my creative juices are flowing.

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