A Chilly Winter 2017

Cheers to one heck of a New Years Eve and good riddance to 2016! I hosted my annual NYE party and then we all stumbled over to the Plantation Bar & Grill to ring in the new year. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much of it and I woke up on my futon with my slobbery face pasted to Petunia’s sweaty belly but I couldn’t ask for a better beginning and ending.
Here’s what 2017 has in store… The tarot spread on the left is from the Dream Power deck and the spread on the right is from the Wild Unknown. Both spreads are very complimentary to one another and, for the most part, 2017 looks promising. My fingers, toes and eyes are crossed that this year is better than the last, for everyone.
In February, a five week art, tarot and journaling class began. The first lesson was on how to create your own art journal. For a while now, I’ve wanted to try my hand at bookmaking and I completely enjoyed the process and loved the result. Perhaps, I will create more to sell. I haven’t been able to keep up with the class but that’s okay, I have an entire year to enjoy the content and really dig deep. And even though I’ve fallen behind, I’ve enjoyed the crap out of gifting myself some time to be creative. I rarely let myself stop long enough to do such things. AND, I’ve even been gifting myself the time to read more. As I write this, I’ve been averaging about 1.5 books a month and all of them have been spectacular.
Some pics of the Pull, Pen, Paint process. It starts with a tarot spread, then journaling some insight into what the cards intuitively mean to you (maybe creating a story from it) and then painting over what you’ve written. I actually don’t care for painting. I’m much more of a pen, pencil and marker kind of a gal but this painting turned out really great. I might be a convert after all.
Here’s my mix of collage, paint and sacred geometry. After this experience, I’m completely sold on starting with collage as the foundation to an art piece. The texture peeking through the paint really makes it. Let me tell you, my subscription to National Geographic is really coming in handy. I save all of the cool pictures to use as wrapping paper for soap but now I’m going to use them for this purpose as well. Go Nat Geo!
I enjoyed a brief getaway to Daryl’s House to see the amazing Geoff Tate, from Queensryche, sing his powerful lungs out. He was absolutely fantastic. His voice was phenomenal and he told the best stories between songs. It was like watching an episode of VH1’s Storytellers. And Daryl’s House is a quaint, rustic venue with one heck of a sound system. I can’t wait to go back. We stayed the night at my old place of residence, the barn in Saugerties, and had a reunion of sorts. It was bittersweet being back. It really saddens me that I couldn’t make it work there, despite trying several times. I miss that area so much. Honestly, my heart and soul misses living in the Hudson Valley and there’s a hole in my life because of it. The picture on the bottom left is from my walk in Saugerties and the picture on the top right is from watching the sunrise over the fields at the barn. Beautiful!
After wanting to be a Hospice volunteer for so long and having missed my opportunity to attend the volunteer training sessions several years in a row, I’m finally getting my chance. I’m learning so much and I’m looking forward to compassionately assisting people through the dying process.
I’ve been feeling very sick these last few months. I’ve always had gastrointestinal issues (IBS) but my guts have been straight up pissed at me as of late and I honestly don’t know why. This picture was taken the morning of my endoscopy. My supervisor drove me to the procedure and we parked next to this fecal explosion of a car. In that moment, I felt the world was trying to tell me something in the most unsubtle of ways. Life can be a real freakin’ comedian sometimes.
I’ve gone nutz! In response to my yuckiness, I’ve done A LOT of research and I decided to adopt a ketogenic diet. It’s a high fat, low protein and minimal carb diet–which is the complete opposite of the way I’ve eaten all my life. However, folks swear by it and there’s some very promising science behind it. Before I began the diet, I went on a fourteen day vegan digestive cleanse through Sarasota Integrative Health. It was super expensive but totally worth the money. That definitely healed my system and laid a solid foundation for this new diet. Ideally, I’m hoping to shed some poundage and reduce my systemic inflammation. So far, so good. I’ve only been on the diet for a few weeks but I will say that I’ve noticed a very positive change in my energy level. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue but you’d never know it.
Work has been a lot of fun lately. I’m happy to be stuck with such a good group of people. Some are retiring and some are just starting their careers and I’m honored to witness it all.
Speaking of work, it’s been brutally busy. I’ve never seen it so nuts. So much feces, such little time, I guess. The specimen on the right is actually a liver fluke. I had to take a snap of this lovely lady/gent. Perhaps, I’ll include her/him/it in a piece of art someday. (No, I wouldn’t LITERALLY include the actual fluke in an art piece…have a little faith in me!)
Despite the fecal onslaught, we took the time to kick some butt in the annual Chili Cookoff Contest. Our Indian inspired chili won us second place and a free lunch so we’re pumped! This was a big deal since our lab has never won anything. This just goes to show, a little elbow grease and bad sportsmanship can get you far if you just try.
Sweet Pea’s Groceries has pretty much ground to a halt but I do have my occasional orders. I’m not sure where the future of the business stands but time will tell. I do love making stuff, I just hate marketing it. And yes, here’s my subscription to Nat Geo coming through for me once again. I love wrapping soaps in their pictures.
Look at this little poo stain! He’s such a whipper snapper! He’s turning into quite a terror, yet he still has a softer, squishy side that he occasionally lets sneak out, despite himself.
Petunia, my little angel. She was the first to pass out at my NYE party so she got to wear the wig. I know that she’s getting older but I swear that she looks like a puppy to me sometimes. She’s just the best. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime. Now we need to get Spring here so we can hit the trails. We’ve both decided that being outside in winter, for any reason, kind of sucks so we’re both fresh air and vitamin D deficient.

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