Fall & Winter 2016: Ushering out the year.

With craft season and cold weather approaching, progress on the teardrop pretty much came to a halt. I still have big dreams though. My fingers are crossed that it’s a mild winter so I can get more done.
Welcome to RV heaven! The Sportster was my absolute dream. The back was a toy hauler which was the perfect size for a mobile store. Oh one can dream! Just when I think I love all things tiny, I fall for one of the largest models at the event. There wasn’t a teardrop in sight though and my main reason for going was to steal some tips and tricks for mine. Oh well…
This was my first foray into baking and as much as I hate to toot my own horn, my cake turned out pretty delicious!
Our quick but ingenious get-ups got us second place in the AHDC Halloween costume contest. That damn Shipping Department beats us in everything! I’m still bent out of shape about our loss.  They resorted to some impressive theatrics in order to win so I guess that’s something. Next year, it’s on! No more mister nice girl! Work has certainly brought out the competitive side of me.
My love of seeing live music has pretty much waned over the years. I find concerts to be extremely uncomfortable for a short person with fibromyalgia. Standing for long periods or sitting in cramped seats just plain ole hurts and I can never see anything. However, I couldn’t miss seeing my hero, Lita Ford, live and she absolutely rocked my world! My buddy Bobby got front row balcony seats so I was nice and comfy and boy what a view! We also had several run-ins with the Whitesnake song “Still of the Night” which left us both wondering what the world is trying to tell us. Overall, it was a great night and my love of concerts was reinvigorated.
I’ve been enjoying my new wrapping style. It’s a great way to repurpose my Nat Geo magazine subscription.
I came up with many new product offerings for upcoming holiday craft fairs. I sewed gift bags, made new body scrubs, offered up a wide variety of bar soaps and my art card packs were on point.
I’ve been experiencing a lot of stomach issues lately and Thanksgiving was the absolute worst thus far, unfortunately. My mother, Craig and I enjoyed a delicious buffet at the Ramada and a few hours later I was on my couch wondering if I should go to the hospital. I’m thankful for my lazy little cohorts and for the Netflix show Sense 8. They did a great job of keeping my mind off the pain.
My brother is the best! I look forward to his cards every week. They’re hilarious!
Ling Ling’s demonstrating a new trick: knitting washcloths. Just another new offering this craft season. I’ve only been bugging her for several years to make them!
Due to stomach issues, I missed several craft shows this season. My mother was nice enough to cover for me and unfortunately she paid the price: she slipped on ice at a craft fair and broke her arm in two places, dislocated her shoulder and was almost run over by a garbage truck. This year has really not been lucky for the both of us but we gave it a go.
I’m seriously the luckiest gal in the world to have such wonderful people in my life. They’re the best…I’m not sure how they put up with me.
Okay, Petunia is crazy about opening presents. She will open any present, it doesn’t matter who’s it is. I love this creature so damn much!
This is our first year not celebrating Festivus. I’m bummed about it but we did our best. There was a mini-trivia contest so that was better than nothing. My mother, her beau Craig and I went out for brunch and then they were off to Florida for the winter. It’s been several weeks since her spill on ice and she still has a broken arm and dislocated shoulder so times have been rough for her. She’s one tough cookie!

Other highlights:

  • This might be the craziest thing to ever have happened to me. On December 8th, I was woken up at 5 am by my landlord (my mother’s beau, Craig), telling me to come to the door because the police needed to speak with us. Yikes! They told us that our neighbor had killed someone at a Walmart across town (he shot and then ran over a UPS driver with his car) and was now on the loose in our neighborhood. SWAT was called in and helicopters were circling overhead. We had the option to either stay locked down or go to a hotel. We chose to stay and it was a crazy few hours. It was totally surreal to see live news reports coming from your front lawn. For most of the day, I couldn’t go to work and everyone was contacting me from inside my prison. Eventually, after about 8 hours, my neighbor peacefully turned himself in. I guess, he believed that he had shot Donald Trump in that Walmart parking lot. Now what’s the chance that Donald Trump would even be at a Walmart? 0%. And at one in Ithaca? -100%. It’s a really sad story but it was certainly an exciting change of pace for our household. I was even interviewed by a local paper so I unfortunately experienced my 15 minutes of fame in the worst possible way.
  • Winning the potholder passing game at the Parasitology holiday party. I never win anything and the competition was cutthroat.
  • Singing karaoke with my work crew (and former intern Elyse) at the K-House. I sing like a songbird…a dying one but it’s still a songbird.
  • Enjoying two delicious meals at my boss’s house. He and his wife are from Southern India and they make the most tasty food…spicy curries and chutneys galore! I really enjoy spending time with them and learning about their culture and customs.

The next time you hear from me it will be 2017! I will be excited to leave 2016 in the dust. The Grim Reaper had a hay day this year. I lost a lot of friends and heroes…I think we all did. (As I wrote this, George Michael died of heart failure. RIP.) And the election was an absolute soul stealer. I will keep my chin up and I hope you do the same. Moving ahead, we can’t let ourselves be divided. We need compassion and community more than ever.

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