Closing out Summer 2016

These two keep me laughing continuously when I’m with them. I feel like I live in an insane asylum because they do the craziest stuff. My home life is never dull.
The Sterling Ren Fair is always an epic adventure! Don Juan & Miguel are always fun to watch joust. Arthur Greenleaf Holmes is a scandalously dirty poet and I absolutely love him. It rained on us so violently hard this year so we had to bail out early but the food, entertainment, crafts, eye-candy and pageantry made it worth the trip.
The Bastard Monks seem to pull me up on stage every year and I’m a total ham so I soak in the spotlight. In 2015, I played Adam in their Garden of Eden sketch and my friend Gretchen played the seductive snake.
Here I am this year. I finally got to play Eve. That’s a step in the right direction for me. Hopefully, next year I’ll be the snake. P.S., I have a huge crush on one the monks but I always play it cool.
Ahh work… So much poop, such little time. We have a new director and he’s awesome. Our lab is moving in a great direction. I’m learning so much and saving so many lives. You can’t beat that!
The fair was epic this year! I went twice because the free music acts at Chevy Court were top notch. It was honestly hard to narrow down my attendance to just two days. I ended up seeing Toto with my friend Peter and his sister and seeing Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys with my mother and her boyfriend/my landlord Craig. Both acts seriously blew me away!
Local musical acts were everywhere. I even saw an old friend of mine playing guitar on a float in the parade. That was an unexpected surprise. They also had a small car show which featured two versions of my favorite car: the Model T. I loved having the chance to drool all over them, up close and personal. Revamping one might be my next project after I finish building my camper.
All right, this year, thanks to Peter, I experienced a new discovery at the fair. They have a museum/bar made completely out of ice. It was such a glorious reprieve from the extreme 90+ degree heat. They give you a fleece blanket to wrap up in and then you freeze your butt off while drinking, dancing and enjoying beautiful ice sculptures. I stayed in there for 45 minutes and didn’t want to leave because the music was so good. However, I was only wearing flip flops and shorts so eventually I had to go. Once we got back outside, I was so frozen that the heat didn’t bother me at all for the rest of the day.
So much flesh, such little time! A coworker and I decided to celebrate the beauty of the male form, Magic Mike style. Basically, a hundred women got on a boat with several male dancers and we cruised Seneca Lake for a few hours. It was a lot of fun but that environment was not my ideal. I forgot that I get seasick so I had to hang by the side of the boat and inhale gas fumes all night. Plus, there were too many drunk women and the men weren’t really my type. However, I knew one of the entertainers from my friend’s bachelorette party last year so that brought back great memories. No matter what though, I’m super glad I did it once and I absolutely loved bonding with my coworker.
As always, I’m out and about enjoying walks in nature and documenting the critters that cross my path. This year, I saw the largest snapping turtle I’ve ever seen in my life. I got to see a beaver taking a morning swim just a few feet from me. A chipmunk ate too much and got stuck in my bird feeder. Spiders were all around me this year…for better or worse depending how you feel about them.
On the other hand (pun intended), nature wasn’t all hugs, kisses and love to me. My landlord had been unsuccessfully trying to poison two hornet’s nests. However, the hornets didn’t die, they were just driven out of their homes. A few weeks ago, I was walking Petunia in the backyard in the early morning and we walked into leaf-litter where a hives-worth of hornets were apparently resting. We stirred them up and they stung the heck out of us. Petunia’s leash got wrapped around a tree so I had to venture into ground zero to get her unstuck. Sadly, I was in just a nightshirt so basically an entire hive of hornets flew up my nightshirt and did their worst. We both ran into the apartment and about ten hornets followed us in so we were still being stung. No place felt safe. I quickly drove to the drug store to get Benadryl and the ladies at the counter wanted to call 911 because I was swelling up everywhere. I convinced them that I had a dog at home that also needed the meds and they let me go. Petunia faired well and didn’t blow up much. I counted about 45 stings on my body and I swelled up all over. My hands became crab claws, my face turned into a beak and my butt resembled that of a Kardashian’s. I made it through but yikes. The picture above was just the beginning of a crab claw forming.




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