Bon Voyage

By the time this post has shown up on my blog, I’ll have been on the road for at least a day. This is my last day home and I’m supposed to be vacuuming and packing the car but as you can see, I’m procrastinating….shocker. The last few weeks home have been so nice. I’ve seen friends, created a lot of cool things and just allowed myself to relax. Here are some pics and musings:20140531_13045220140531_130450

My mother snuck these photos of me at the Ithaca Festival and as you can see I’m a little less than thrilled with her. I’m a bit chubbier than I’d like to be but that’s not a problem. With all the hiking that I’m going to be doing, I figured that I’d embrace my excess tonnage while I still have it. Plus, I’m going to need all the stored energy I can get. (Yup, I really do think that way. I’m a survivalist at heart.) While at the festival, I stopped by my friend’s, Cindy Sews, booth to see her creations. She’s one heck of a talented lady! If you’re in the Ithaca vicinity and you need a cool new hat or something tailored, altered, repaired or custom-made, get a hold of her. She gave me the confidence boost I needed to continue blogging about my upcoming trip. You have no idea how much I waffle about blogging. There are days when I figure no one reads this shit so why bother but then people like Cindy remind me of how much they enjoy it. So I press on.

PetuniaI’m going to miss my Petunia so much. She’s in great hands with Ling Ling, maybe too great in fact. When I see her next she’ll be even more spoiled and probably too fat to walk. Yup, I’m gunna need the jaws of life just to get her out of bed. That’s the price she pays for being Ling Ling’s grandchild. She’s been pouting and basically miserable (as demonstrated in this pic) since she’s seen me packing and it makes me feel nothing but a whole lotta sad and guilty.

Speaking of Petunia…Ling Ling & I went to a ritzy fundraiser for the animal shelter that I adopted her from those many years ago. It was held at a beautiful mansion in Cortland, with manicured grounds, free wine tasting, a catered buffet and a silent auction. It was about as high-class as us Cortlanders get. And then there was my mother…standing right over the buffet table eating everything and yelling at me from across the room about what is on each food tray. Most people fill up a plate and sit down but she just shovels it in right there. And she’s never understood that I can read the food cards just as well as she can and I have no need for a shouting buffet table tour guide. Then she decides to steal some food for Petunia, a meatball to be exact. She’s got this little meatball rolling around on a paper cocktail plate and she’s trying to be sneaky about it. Well, you can imagine what happens next. She’s not paying any attention and tilts the plate, the meatball goes flying up in the air, comes back down, rolls down her light-colored shirt and shorts and lands on the dining room floor for all the world to see. The woman is a handful! Sofia

CasperI’ve also been playing Aunt Sweet Pea to two of the most wonderful kids I’ve ever met. I love them soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. And if you know me personally, I’m sorry that last sentence has left you completely shocked. No, pigs have not started to fly. I still don’t want kids of my own and in general they still make me uncomfortable but these two whippersnappers are just the cat’s pajamas. Emily and Amy are doing such a wonderful job of raising them and I’m so grateful they’ve allowed me to be a part of their family. There are moments when I tell myself that I’m going to regret never having a family of my own. I tell myself that I’m going to be alone forever, with no one to love me and no one to love. But with friends like these, I know that won’t be the case.

5 responses to Bon Voyage

  1. Emily says:

    I just about peed my pants reading your mom’s buffet meatball story! I think meatballs should really be meat squares to prevent such mishaps…

    • Jaime Lee Hazard says:

      Ling and the food stealing has always been a family issue. It never ends well.

  2. Jess says:

    Please don’t stop blogging! I’m a little bummed that I met you as you were just about to leave… You are the kind of chick that I dig, and I hope your adventure is an amazing journey. I can’t wait to read about what you’ll be doing. Keep it up!

    • Jaime Lee Hazard says:

      Awe, thanks Jess. Right from the moment we met I knew we were cut from the same tattered cloth. I’ll keep writing, promise.

  3. Jess says:

    Ditto to Emily and Jess’s comments! Even though some times it takes me a month to catch up on your posts – I look forward to hearing about your daily adventures. Your wording can take any situation and make it that much better! Today…I…opened the fridge door….and there you have it, folks…my life has officially been changed…

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