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… is the outward expression of my inner mad scientist. I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with all that nature has to offer. A few years ago I was taking herbology classes and serendipitously happened upon a soap making class at the same time. I never thought I would enjoy making soap because I can’t even boil water; but I figured that it might be a good way to put my newly acquired knowledge of natural remedies into practice. Much to my surprise, I found that I had a knack for it. Now I’m learning more than I ever imagined…from mixing herbs and oils, to not burning myself with caustic saponifiers, to finding packaging that won’t sabotage my efforts, to not dressing like a hobo at fairs…it’s all been eye-opening and I’m continuously learning from all my happy accidents. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.

Sweet Pea’s Groceries is an ever-evolving collection of handmade bath, body, home and pet care creations to make you and yours smell so fresh and so clean.

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About Sweet Pea’s Products:

☆ The name Sweet Pea’s Groceries was born out of my desire to open a grocery store. The store would be brimming with handmade, local products–such as breads, toiletries, teas, sandwiches–all brought to you by a variety of different makers, each with a passion for their craft. For right now, I’m leaving the brick-and-mortar up to others, but who knows what the future holds. As far as the Sweet Pea’s part goes…well, that’s my nickname and it’s not because I’m by any means sweet. It was bestowed upon me more out of sarcasm…apparently I’m a bit of a curmudgeon.

☆ I value local, sustainable and organic ingredients and I use them in my products as much as possible. Many of the herbs I use are from my own container garden and I’m always expanding my garden to include more herbs. Even the beer I use in my soaps is from my very own home-brew–which can be hard to part with.

☆ I refrain from over-using chemical fragrances–sometimes they’re fun but I try to offer a variety of products for all skin types and sensitivities. Most of my products are completely free of chemical fragrances and if they do happen to smell fantastic it’s because they are made with herbs, essential oils and even food items (ex. cocoa and coffee). I have extremely sensitive skin so I understand how difficult it is for people to find affordable, natural products that don’t cause irritation.

☆ I’m a vegetarian and have been so since I was six-years old. (I’ve even been vegan for several years and I loved every second of it.) Thus, I will always make my soap vegetarian, which means that I do not use tallow in my products. However, I do use locally-sourced honey and beeswax in some of my products. It is my goal to provide a wide array of both vegan and vegetarian options for people.

☆ I value humor so as time goes by you will be seeing more and more funny packaging and product descriptions. I believe that being humorous and selling great products don’t have to be mutually exclusive. So hopefully my products will bring you joy and make you chuckle. And just because I laugh, please don’t assume that I’m not taking what I do seriously.

☆ To learn more about my background, my process and what got me started, check out The Treehouse’s Artist Spotlight on moi.

Customer Feedback ( Soapy Luv ):

Great soap! Awesome maker! Just great all around.

— Anastasia

I finally don’t stink …. This is the best soap ever. Makes me want to get dirty again just so I can use it over and over.

— Dave

Shipping was very fast. Soap smells good and works great!

— Dawn

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